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Client Case Study: Boosting Client Engagement Through Social Media Marketing

Client Case Study: Boosting Client Engagement Through Social Media Marketing

Cooperation with VAGA Dubai

Social media marketing has become a powerful tool in this digital age, helping businesses operating in diverse industries achieve tremendous success and get a wider recognition. As a forward thinking digital marketing and branding agency in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis, HOGI specializes in delivering effective marketing and branding solutions, putting their soul in every project they take upon, as the name of the company, meaning soul in Armenian, suggests.

This article is dedicated to a special case study of a successful cooperation with VAGA, a renowned restaurant, situated at Bluewaters Island in Dubai. VAGA beautifully pairs authentic food and heritage, indulging deep into the roots of Armenian and Arabic cuisines and offering upscale dining experiences. 


Story behind our cooperation: VAGA Dubai

The collaboration between HOGI and VAGA Dubai initiated with a clear objective: to amplify their online presence through progressive restaurant social media marketing strategies, amplify their customer base and engage more effectively with their physical and digital audiences. VAGA is known for its exquisite cuisine and initially established itself as an upper-class dining place. It was seeking strategies to boost real sales.

The HOGI team took this project with utmost enthusiasm and dedication, with a clear goal to help the brand establish strong brand identity and recognition. HOGI is best known for its personalized approach and customized strategies. We ensure that each project aligns with its objectives, with clear goals and KPIs tailored to the client’s needs. 


Key KPIs and Initial accounts

HOGI and VAGA cooperate on SMM, identifying and defining key performance indicators (KPIs) for marketing restaurants. These KPIs guide efforts to uplift VAGA’s digital presence and measure success. Let’s delve into the identified KPIs, initial accounts, and subsequent growth.


  • Increase in follower count: What may seem to be a simple step can become a real tool to elevate the brand’s social media game. Among the established KPIs for VAGA was to grow the number of followers on diverse social media accounts, focusing on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Starting social media activity on Instagram with 11K followers, VAGA now has more than 20K dedicated followers, and the number keeps growing.
  • Engagement rate: The strategy elevated likes, comments and shares to build a strong community with a more interactive engagement. Some of the reels went viral, with wonderful results such as 716K views. 
  • Customer growth: HOGI helped to engage more customers and elevate sales through appealing social media presence and visual solutions.  

Page redesign

Redesigning social media page feeds and overall visuals was crucial for VAGA’s success. HOGI implemented several components, which had a strong focus on rebuilding the visual presence of the brand. 

The HOGI team created a visual style that reflected VAGA’s brand identity, including an individual photographic style, color scheme and typography. Dish photography, behind-the-scenes content and high-value shots appeal customers to visit the place and try out the unique menu pieces. HOGI used Instagram stories and reels to narrate the brand story and to highlight special events, offerings and much more for social media marketing in Hospitality. 


Generating results: Social Media Marketing that Works social winning strategy to increase footprint


Through the implemented measures of HOGI’s social media marketing strategy, VAGA witnessed a very impressive and visible growth, mainly through Instagram marketing. Here are some of the footprints of this successful cooperation. 

  • Follower growth: Since VAGA and HOGI started collaborating, the Instagram follower count increased by over 80%.Targeted campaigns, strategic collaborations, and appealing design drove this growth.
  • Wider content reach: Utilizing Instagram story, reel, post or IGTV features, VAGA seemingly expanded its customer reach and ensured broader content exposure through promoted posts. 
  • Enhanced engagement: The VAGA social profiles on diverse social media platforms have seen a significant growth regarding the post engagement rates. The creation of encouraging interaction through posts, reels and stories, made some of the publications go viral, making the brand a real success story. Through the boosted engagement, HOGI has succeeded in spreading awareness of special events at VAGA, which were instantly sold out on social media. The events included the exceptional representation of Armenian Duduk by the Seyranyan project, led by the renowned artist Kamo Seyranyan. Armenian top rated singer Iveta Mukuchyan’s live performance at VAGA Dubai or the unforgettable culinary experience on Valentine’s day with the special menu. 


The collaboration between HOGI and VAGA Dubai showed the transformative power of digital platforms, especially social media. By focusing on personalized approach and deep research and KPI identification of the brand, HOGI succeeded in enhancing VAGA Dubai’s digital footprint. This case study reaffirms HOGI’s dedication and strong efforts to provide tailored strategies which lead to measurable success.


Here at HOGI, your brand can shine and achieve remarkable growth, where the team puts their heart and soul into every detail.